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Our affordable divorce attorney in Tampa & Brandon, Florida has the experience and knowledge to take on any Family Law Legal matter. It is important to understand that just because our lawyer offers low cost divorce attorney Attorney fees, compared to other law firms, it does not mean a sacrifice in knowledge, experience or quality legal representation. We know times can be financially hard especially when facing a Divorce or Family Law legal matter in today’s economy. We are dedicated to providing inexpensive family law attorney services.


Our Tampa Divorce Attorney is committed to providing you with the best quality legal representation.
Our Low Cost Divorce Attorneys are transparent about our affording affordable Attorney fees and understand every Family Law case is different requiring more or less time. During your free consultation our Affordable Family Law attorney will provide you with comprehensive details related to your case as well as all relevant pricing information to complete it.


Quality and Experienced Low Cost Family Law and Affordable Divorce Attorney | Reregistered with the Florida Bar.

Our Family Law Affordable Divorce Attorney is registered with the Florida Bar, You will be treated with the respect and attention you deserve on a personal one on one level. Our attorney can help determine the best legal remedy pertaining to your family law predicament. We have the experience to help determine the best possible solution if you are facing a Divorce, Child Support, Child Custody, Simple divorce, uncontested divorce etc. Our network of Tampa Family Law Lawyers and Cheap Divorce Attorneys have the experience, legal credentials and education to make sure your case is handled promptly and correctly.


Affordable Divorce Attorney | Legal Help when you need it most.

Divorcing couples often face challenging issues concerning child custody, time share, child support, paternity, alimony and asset distribution. You will need an experienced Affordable Tampa Divorce attorney to guide you through the legal process.


Reasons you will need to hire an Affordable Divorce Lawyer, Family Law Attorney

  • If you are married and you feel that your marriage is irretrievably broken and needs to end.
  • If you are married and you feel that you need to end your marriage by annulment.
  • If you are not married and have a child with another person and the child is under 18, you can get child support and establish a time sharing schedule for the child and the other parent.
  • Save money with low cost cheap Divorce Attorney Fees

If you have a Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage and your current situation or your former spouse’s situation has changed where there needs to be a change in any of the following:

  • Child Support
  • Time Sharing Schedule
  • Shared or Sole Parental
  • Responsibility
  • Alimony

If you have a Final Judgment of Paternity and your situation or the other parent’s situation has changed where there needs to be a change in any of the following:

  • Child Support
  • Time Sharing Schedule
  • Shared or Sole Parental Responsibility

If you have a Final Judgment of Paternity or Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage and the other person has done any of the following:

  • Refused to comply with a provision of the Final Judgment
  • Is not paying child support
  • Is not paying alimony
  • Has not transferred assets specified in the Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage.


Differences between a Contested and Uncontested Tampa Divorce

In an Uncontested Family Law case you and the other party have reached an agreement, or you are very close and need to finalize a few matters to get an agreement finished. It would not be necessary for a Petition to be filed before the Agreement is completed.

A Contested Family Law case means you and the other party are unable to reach an agreement and it is necessary to file a Petition with the Court. This will start the procedure that can end in a trial.

If you file a Contested Divorce, Dissolution of marriage or Contested Paternity case, does that mean that I will be going to trial?

Under most circumstances if an agreement cannot be reached court proceedings will be necessary. However there is always a chance if an agreement can be reached between the parties before trial, then you would be able to proceed with an uncontested final hearing to end the case.


Can I get alimony in my divorce | Affordable Divorce Lawyer

It depends on the length of your marriage as well your financial situation and your spouse’s financial situation. There are many different types of alimony that can be awarded. They include:

  • Temporary Alimony during the course of the Dissolution of Marriage case.
  • Rehabilitative Alimony
  • Bridge the Gap Alimony
  • Durational Alimony
  • ‘Permanent’ Alimony

Check out the Alimony section of the page for more information on this subject


If I am filing for Paternity, can I get alimony?

No, alimony is only awarded in a Dissolution of Marriage case.


Child Support

There are a number of factors that determine who will pay child support and how much child support will be paid. The factors include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Who the child (or children) are living with
  • The time sharing schedule for the children
  • The incomes of the parties
  • Whether alimony is being paid
  • Cost of day care for the child (or children)
  • Cost of medical insurance
  • Whether a parent is paying child support for other children.
  • Uncovered medical expenses for the children
  • Who claims the child (or children) on their tax return.

Check out the section on Child Support for more information on this subject


Court Appearances for Family Law and Divorce legal matters

Many people often ask, how many times will I have to be in Court when dealing with a Divorce? It depends if your case is ‘uncontested’ or ‘contested’. In an ‘Uncontested’ case, the only time that you would need to be in Court is for the Uncontested Final Hearing. Once you are in front of the judge, the hearing should last no more than 5 minutes.

In a ‘Contested’ case, the amount of times that you will be in Court depends on the County that your case is filed in. Here are some of the matters for which you can be in Court in a ‘Contested’ Case:

  • Case Management Conference
  • Mediation
  • Temporary Relief Hearings
  • Pre-Trial Conference
  • Hearings on Motions filed in the Court
  • Trial


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