Child Visitation Modification | Family Law Attorney Brandon Florida

Many changes in life can result to alter a Child Visitation Schedule, including a career changes, remarriage, residence relocation etc. Daily conflicts in itself can conflict with a current Child Visitation schedule but in many cases there is the desire alone the need to spend more time with the child.

In many circumstances when both parents are in agreement there is usually never a problem changing a child visitation order. Although, when parents disagree it is necessary for the parent who is seeking a change to ask the court to grant permission.

This involves a judge determining what is appropriate concerning the best interests of the child.

A judge will look at the suggested new visitation schedule and hear evidence both sides present using careful discretion. Florida state laws and regulations will be also be used to make a final decision that is best suited for the child. If a child visitation change is in the best interest of the child a change to the original custody order is generally granted.

A reduction in Child support payments is usually not awarded if this is your only reason for extra time. It is best to speak with one of our low cost Family Law Attorneys who will provide a free consultation and advise you of your parental rights and the best course of action.